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When your business is in need of more than payroll and benefits assistance, CHART PATTERNS GROUP provides customizable Human Resource services and management.


When your business is in need of more than payroll and benefits assistance, CHART PATTERNS GROUP provides customizable Human Resource services and management. We conduct a full range of HR services for small and midsize businesses. Our process involves recruiting, hiring, and managing all aspects of HR once an employee is on board. We see Human Resources as the bridge in the relationships between every level of personnel and creating a harmonious and productive workplace.

We would like to give you some insight into how we are able to address your challenges and achieve your organizational goals. Here is a breakdown of our process:

Entice > Engage > Retain process chart


The job market has seen many significant changes recently. From a shift towards hybrid and remote positions and an overall evolution into many varieties of working situations. With the advancements in how businesses operate today, there has been an evolution in how to advertise for and fill a variety of jobs. We understand there are major differences in work environments and related benefits for different industries and how to advertise and recruit the talent your business needs.


Different levels of professional experience and different generations respond to and require different methods of recruitment. Once we have established the basics about your personnel requirements and have advertised for those positions, we engage candidates and guide them through the onboarding process. Our HR experts are well-versed in recruiting and hiring for positions ranging from executive placements to temporary staffing.


We believe that HR does not stop once a new hire has completed orientation. Our HR services include multiple methods to increase retention by managing compensation, labor relations, performance, training, and administering benefits. We help you make your business inviting and stable for your employees. Satisfied employees tend to be more committed and value the work they perform.


As a full service Human Resource solution provider, this is an overview of some of our customizable services:

Creating and publishing position descriptions

Advertising and recruiting for a range of employment opportunities

Handling inquiries and disseminating information

Preparing and managing employment contracts and guides

Administering necessary activities and documentation

Clear and concise status reporting

Communication with internal and external customers and personnel

Maintaining status and performance metrics

Protecting and managing employee data

Preparing and maintaining payroll

Conducting audits and surveys to determine the best HR methods that contribute to business growth

For more information or if you have questions about specific HR operations and services, please complete the Contact Form on our Portal page and one of our specialists will be in touch to schedule a time to connect and discuss how we can assist with your HR needs.


We are not just payroll and benefits, we do so much more. Turn to us for expert recruitment services that address permanent position placement, temporary talent, and any type of hiring needs that fall in-between.

Can you remember the last time you changed your recruitment process that really made a difference? Or do you feel like recruitment and retention have been high priority topics because the tactics you have tried just aren’t getting you the results that you must have to keep growing your business? Do you feel stuck in a cycle of constant hiring only to re-advertise for the same positions time and time again? Is your business struggling with benefit administration?

CHART PATTERNS GROUP uses cutting edge recruitment techniques that incorporate technology to make them more efficient. Your hiring needs will be met with the agility and flexibility required to connect the right candidate with the right employment opportunity. We are your partner in locating the talent you need- not just filling a seat.


From onboard and bridging relationships to packaging benefits plans or providing payroll assistance, we can help create a productive workplace.


Our job does not end when we onboard a new employee at your business.

We also assist with integrating your business values into every day employee actions. In addition to payroll and benefits management, our customizable HR services include:

Time and attendance tracking

Expense management

Maintaining internal records and documentation

Company policy updates and coordination

Developing and advancing training programs

Additional training, including performance improvement

Career guidance and enhancement

Legal compliance

Our HR experts are able to design a system that is specific to your particular needs while capitalizing on technological tools that make the entire process more efficient. This saves our customers time and expense.


We are able to manage benefits and personnel administration regardless of the types of employees involved.

Contract, temporary, temporary to permanent, permanent, Subject Matter Experts, executive roles; we offer HR services for the gamut of personnel you need on your team. We also handle issues related to personnel disputes and disciplinary action recommendations.

Benefits Administration

We are able to create a custom HR framework for your business that can accommodate a variety of day-to-day functional business areas:

Full-service payroll administration, which includes payroll tax calculations, payroll compliance, direct deposit, and more;

Tracking tools, which include candidate pipeline, employment offers, onboarding, policy administration, PTO requests/approvals, employee support;

Benefits management, which includes health insurance, HSAs, FSAs, retirement plans, savings plans, and commuter and remote worker allowances.

Risk Management

When dealing with HR there are many ways to mitigate potential risks to and from your employees. Loss prevention and reduction techniques assist in diminishing risks and operational downtime. Depending on your industry and business practices, we implement several risk management strategies:

Identifying and assessing plausible workplace risks,

Workforce behavior and risks to operations,

Ethical and operational risks,

Data and personnel management,

Legal and environmental compliance.


We have Human Resources experts ready to provide more information about our services. If your business is in need of professional services related to HR oversight, from recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding to continued management of benefits, compensation, retirement and employee guidance and management, please fill out our Contact Form. Once we have your information, one of our HR specialists will connect with you to schedule a more in-depth review of what we can offer you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Although we strive to respond to your inquiries within 2 business days, please allow us up to 4 business days before we connect. Thank you.